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May, 21, 2009 News Release Main Page
Genesis rolls out early warning system with comprehensive training program
Boston, May 21, 2009 – Genesis is in the final stages of the design of a training program supporting the implementation of an effective early warning system in the SME and middle market banking segments for an important Latin American financial institution.

The 3-day program will provide the knowledge and the methodology for the relationship manager to quickly and effectively screen companies across their client base, to determine financial strength and ability to navigate through the adverse economic scenario. As part of the process, account managers will also be able to establish an action plan specific to each account that will help align the exposure of the bank with the financial strength of the client.

ore specifically, account managers will be able to determine which clients will continue to grow, which will survive, which need to be restructured, and which clients need to be exited. In order to accomplish this goal the account managers will be trained not only in the basic principles of credit risk but also in a methodology that will include public information, client data contained in the bank's records and information gathering through interviews. With the client intelligence at hand, account managers will then be able to make recommendations to the Credit Group.

It is also expected that the training program will help improve communication between credit and marketing, and bring about a greater degree of alignment in the organization.

"This client bank is known for its creativity and sound risk management practices. The drive to implement a comprehensive early warning system with the broad participation from the commercial and credit teams only underscores this bank's vision and reputation. A customized and well crafted training program can be an effective way to bring about change and implement strategy, and I think the client fully recognizes it", says Alex Moreira, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Genesis.

The program will be piloted before the end of May and Genesis is being tasked with training approximately 200 managers from the middle market and SME banking segments.

Genesis is also working with other European and Latin American clients to help implement early warning/problem loan best practices that will help banks make sound risk decisions as the world economy goes through the downturn.

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